September, Guangzhou | Global Delicacies and Exotic Customs all at FHW CHINA

FHW CHINA 2017 will be held together with HOSFAIR 2017 at Hall 1.1-5.1 and 8.1, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou on September 8, 2017 with a grand opening! FHW CHINA 2017, attracting food resources from over 20 countries around the globe, will present a splendid visual and gustatory experience to tens of thousands audience!

Imported Food Experts Share with You Industrial Wisdom
Major Food Courts Welcome Your Participation
Guangdong Imported Food Association and China Hotel Supplies Association Pull Together for Buyer Invitation
JD, Google and other Industry Giants Strike with a Mighty Presence
Smart Cookies like You Ready to Grab Market Share?
From upstream, downstream to tributaries
As long as you are inside the imported food industry
FHW CHINA 2017 is the place for you to find competitive partners!
Global Support
With full support from consulates, embassies and export promotion agencies of various countries, FHW CHINA 2017 features large-scale imported food pavilions! So for, it’s confirmed that Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Czech, Turkey, Thailand, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Sri lanka, etc . will particiapte in the fair. 
Where to experience food culture from all over the world?
Where to experience varied exotic customs?
Where to taste global delicacies?
All at FHW CHINA 2017

Masters Gather Together
FHW CHINA 2017 will be held together with HOSFAIR 2017 on September 8, 2017 with a grand opening. 
At FHWCHINA2017, you will be able to experience the unique customs of the “Belt and Road” countries. The fashionable and high-end Europe Pavilion will bring along special charismas of European food and sceneries.  
 Two fairs held together
Bringing new opportunities to the industry market!
Inviting Buyers includes
Part of the buyer group list
Guangdong Imported Food Association
Guangdong Food Circulation Association
Guangdong Agricultural Products Circulation Association
Guangzhou Cross-Border E-commerce Association
Guangzhou Technician Association Catering Branch
Guangzhou Seafood and Dry Fruit Industry Chamber of Commerce
Guangzhou Yuexiu Catering Association
Guangzhou Yuexiu Food Chamber of Commerce
Shenzhen Global Focus
China Southern Airlines Group
China Hotel Supplies Association
Lingnan Group
Middle East ACC Group
Jiangmen Cuisine Association
Shenzhen Restaurant Association
China Hotel Purchasing and Supplying Association
Guangzhou Western Food Association
Guangzhou Chain Management Association
Hainan Hotel and Catering Association
East China Hotel Engineering Suppliers Association
Fujian Tourist Association Hotel Committee
Noor Hospitality LLC (Armenia)
Guangzhou Tianhe District Tianhe Road Chamber of Commerce, 
Splendid Activities 
Introduction to Part of the Activities
 Google teach you how to search, select and promote products in one second 
Time: September 8, 2017
Content:Working together with Google AdWords Guangzhou Experience Center, Guangzhou Yi Hai Chuang Teng Information Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager will share practical cases of data dissemination to provide new thoughts on how to search desirable imported food. 

 FHW-JD Imported Commodity Promotion Event
Time: September 9, 2017
Content: E-commerce as the fast-developing new sales channel has played a significant role in imported food sales in recent years that cannot be ignored. In the form of speeches among other activities, FHW will work with JD Mall to explore with the audience how to raise market share with the help of JD.  
 2017 Imported Food Development Forum
Time: September 8-9, 2017
Content: Hot topics on industry development trends, policies, food safety, circulation and sales channels, technology innovation, etc. will be discussed to explore new ways in the new consumption age.

 Import Seafood Market Status And Development Trends Forum
Time: September 9, 2017
Contents: FHW will work with sea food industry media to analyze current situation, development trend and growth point of seafood and aquatic products market in China.

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