With the improvement of people's cognition of diets and consumption upgrading, the previous "average" nutrition solutions can no longer meet people's requirements. Due to the influence of age, gender, physical state, medical history, living habits, environmental conditions and other personalized factors, the nutritional composition and measurement required by each person vary greatly. Personalized nutrition can fundamentally solve the individual needs for nutrition, thus many people are consulting with dietitians to customize their diets. 

So has it ever occurred to you that your DNA can actually help you develop the best diet for yourself that is unique to you? Many food companies are developing tools to create highly personalized nutrition programs that analyze individual tastes and dietary needs based on the DNA of different people. Many people are showing interest, and the industry is responding with new categories of products that uses the latest technology and data analytics to meet the demand for optimal health. For example, Habit is a company that uses at-home testing of genetics, lifestyle, metabolism and individual goals to design personalized eating recommendations for consumers. Nestle is piloting a program in Japan that uses artificial intelligence, DNA testing and other methods to gather data on customers' diets and health and then tailors food products to meet specific profiles. 

Consumer demand for customized diets has grown steadily over the past decade and will change the way we eat in the future. To succeed, manufacturers will need to build trust by focusing on safety and security protocols that protect the private consumer data and developing new products.

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