I don't know if you've tried salted caramel? It's salty at first, but soon gives way to sweetness. It can be mixed in ice cream, drizzled over a cake or sandwiched inside a macaron. Besides, Oreo company’s spicy chicken wing oreo, which launched last year, has plenty of people hooked. These new flavors may seem to out-weired each other and create buzz, but they've actually conquered many people's taste buds and become a best-selling item. 

People mainly rely on the taste, smell and tactile stimulation to feel the flavor of food. Studies have shown that Flavor is based on stimulus from three different senses: taste, aroma and touch. About 70% of our perception is considered a retronasal smell, and only 25% (salty, bitter, sour and sweet) comes through the tongue. Thus, Using contrasting flavors (e.g., sweet and salty, fatty and acidic) is a way to heighten taste. This explains why red-oil ice cream, popping candy, salt-and-vinegar chips can make our taste buds sing.

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Source: www.food2china.com

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