The widely recognized health benefits of tea have long driven consumer experimentation with this ancient and beloved beverage. Global tea consumption is predicted to keeping rising over the next decade, as new flavors and different ways of drinking tea are developing. 

China, India and other emerging economies will be major tea consumers. Now, Tea flavors now go beyong the original taste of the tea leaves. People will gradually use tea to make all kinds of drinks and food, such as tea beer or tea cookies, cakes and so on.This trend is not only being seen in major tea consumers such as China, India, but also in other places. Yerba mate, a tea derived from holly, is consumed in a six-to-one ratio over coffee in South America, and its popularity is rapidly spreading across the globe. In Britain, tea is mixed with beer. In addition to tea drinks, a variety of matcha flavor packaged food is emerging, such as Lay’s matcha taste potato chips, matcha & mousse flavor Pocky, Orion’s matcha flavor cake.


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