What are the five tastes that the human tongue can taste? Are you trying to say sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty? In fact, spicy is not a taste, but a pain; And "umami (or savoriness)" is the fifth basic taste. In addition to these five flavors, is there any flavor that you love so much that you find yourself being eager to taste it again and again? Whenever we experience the taste, we use words like "really delicious" to describe it. Is there a word for it? Japanese scientists who study food flavors define the taste as Kokumi, which they believe is a perfect balance of the five basic tastes on the tongue. 

Kokumi is not just a single taste experience, but it describes a certain type of mouthfeel or heartiness. The researchers say they have been studying Kokumi in hopes of exploiting their enhancement qualities to create healthier, lower-salt or lower-sugar versios of foods that still taste good. Many restaurants and food companies are also experimenting with using Kokumi to develop new dishes or products .The Koku restaurant in Seattle in USA, is known for its Kokumi cuisine. Gen Sou En, a tea house, has developed a Kokumi green tea bag to create different tea tasting experience.

Source: www.food2china.com

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