As Demand for China Imported Spirits Rises, Food2China Expo 2019 Helps to Capture the Imported Beverage Market!

Recently, one of the hot topics in the China imported beverage industry is the growth of the market share of imported spirits, which has drawn the attention of many enterprises in the industry. In the first quarter of 2019, the imports of spirits in China reached US $91 million, an increase of 0.71 percent year on year, and 7.9 million liters, an increase of 45 percent from a year earlier, according to data released by the China Association for Importers & Exporters of Wine & Spirits. 

The rising demand for imported spirits has also prompted many enterprises to raise their stakes in China's spirits market. Henkell Freixenet, the world's largest sparkling wine producer, is taking the lead in the Chinese spirits market with its niche liquor, Kuemmerling. Many domestic wine importers and dealers have also increased the import of spirits. 

Industry insiders believed that one of the reasons for the popularity of imported spirits in the Chinese market was that the Chinese market, as part of the global market, was obviously driven by the current rising global spirits sales. The other reason was that Chinese consumers had an inherent love for spirits. As the post-80s and post-90s become the main consumption force, the sales growth of imported spirits is also predictable. 

With the upgrade of consumption, Chinese consumers are increasingly in favor of buying imported drinks to satisfy their appetite for new tastes. In addition to imported spirits, an increasing number of imported wines, sparkling wines, and craft beers are flooding the Chinese market to take a share of the profits. 

How can Chinese consumers quickly learn about your products and how to expand your brand influence in the fierce competition of the imported liquor market? 

Over the years, FOOD2CHINA Expo has been dedicated to building a high-quality exhibition platform for high-quality imported food in China. FOOD2CHINA Expo 2019 is about to set up a special "spirits, wine and beer area", which will attract buyers who specialize in wine, beer, spirits and other imported beverages to come to the exhibition and purchase. The expo will also launch a buyer matching service program, where you can communicate with professional buyers face to face, improve the efficiency of business negotiations and increase the potential business opportunities for cooperation. 

Besides, in order to achieve the comprehensive coverage of exhibition buyers from import traders, chain supermarkets, hotel management groups, to group catering service organizations, wholesale markets, and liquor dealers, etc., numerous food / restaurant associations, hotel industry associations, food wholesale markets, chain-store & franchise associations, cross-border e-commerce associations and other groups will be invited to visit the Expo. 

In addition to the wine area, as an exhibition covering all kinds of imported food, there are also aquatic products area, meat food area, snack food area, coffee area, and other major sections, as well as large exhibition groups made up of excellent food enterprises from various countries at the exhibition this year, which will bring a global food carnival in this hot summer. 

How can there be no supporting events for the fair? The Global Carnival “Coconut, Durian & Mango!” will create a carnival for enterprises with coconut, durian and mango-related products through online and offline activities, bringing great exposure and potential business opportunities for their brands; 2019 Guangzhou International Coffee Cup Tasters Competition will also bring great popularity for the exhibition with its strong coffee; moreover, Food to China Forum, wine master class and other activities will be held during the exhibition as well. 

There are unlimited business opportunities at FOOD2CHINA Expo 2019. We sincerely invite you to explore business opportunities together and let’s have a drink together for the success at the Expo! 

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