Asia's leading food & hospitality tradeshow -- HOFEX 2019 opened at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 7th to 10th, 2019. At HOFEX 2019, Austrian Consulate General Guangzhou, The Advantage Austria and Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and dozens of Austrian businesses exhibited a variety of Austrian food and wine, including intoxicating wine, refreshing sparkling water, crisp crackers and sweet candies. These Austrian food has attracted a number of purchasers with their unique charm. FOOD2CHINA and Guangdong Imported Food Association (IFA) also led nearly 100 professional buyers to visit the Austrian Pavilion and had business matching. Fabian Gems, Consul (Commercial Affairs) and Head of Austrian Consulate General Guangzhou and Austrian exhibitors introduced Austrian food to the purchasers with enthusiasm. Food2China also took the opportunity to interview Franz Ernstbrunner, Project Manager International Trade Fairs of Advantage Austria and Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, about the characteristics of Austrian food and his views on the Chinese market.

FOOD2CHINA: What are the characteristics of Austrian food? Which food is the most popular with Chinese consumers? 

Franz Ernstbrunner: Austria is very successful in organic food, and China has very large market demand for organic food, so we also export a lot of products to China, like organic pork and so on. In addition to pork, Austrian wines are favored by many consumers because of their high quality but low production. Among them, Austrian white wine is more suitable for serving with seafood because of its light taste; while red wine is mellower and perfectly paired with meat such as beef. Gruner Veltliner, one of Austria's well-known wines, is also popular among Chinese consumers. This wine is mainly served in high-end restaurants and is also very suitable for Chinese food. In Austria, our wine is produced in different regions, and the wine produced in each region has its own characteristics. In addition, Austrian mineral water is also a favorite of many people. Austria's mineral water comes from snow-covered mountains with 1,700 meters high. When the snow melts into water, the water is flowing through stones in the foothills of the Austrian Alps. The filtered water is rich in minerals that the human body needs. Its natural antioxidant features keep mineral water fresh all the time. Due to Austria's strict protection of water sources, the water flowing down from the mountains is so clean that people can bottle it and drink directly. The Austrians also inject carbon dioxide into the water to turn it into sparkling water, which tastes cold and refreshing. You may feel the coolness and freshness of the snow.

FOOD2CHINA: What do you think of the current imported food market in China? Franz 

Ernstbrunner: China is a huge food market, and Chinese consumers are very concerned about food safety. When Chinese people travel to Europe, they can taste European food and feel that European countries attach great importance to food safety. When they return to China, they would like to enjoy the same high-quality and safe food. Austria's organic food is not only grown in organic soil, but also contains no other chemical additives, such as our organic red wine, organic chocolate and so on. For Chinese consumers, they can enjoy safe organic food, and for Austrian food, entering the Chinese market will be a huge opportunity.

Source: www.food2china.com

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