Coffee & Equipment Sector


Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in human society and an important cash crop in Southeast Asia, South America and Northern Europe. It is the second largest amount of global futures trading . Most studies suggest that moderate consumption of coffee is beneficial. 
The coffee & Equipment Sector attract suppliers and domestic importers who specialize in importing coffee, other beverages, and coffee equipment.

Display Products:

Coffee, cocoa, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee equipment etc

Part of Exhibitors:

Overseas Supplier:

Golden Citron Co., Ltd.,  1Export Trade And Services, Inc., OYÁ GmbH,  Ayrin LLC,  Green Co., Ltd,   Globallfoods Company & Service   

Chinese Importers:

Guangzhou Thai Delicious Food Co., Ltd,  Guangzhou  Douya Coffee co., Ltd,  Jinda Coffee & Beverage Center