FOOD2CHINA @ Habor Carnival ,When Guangzhou Meets The World

FOOD2CHINA EXPO @ Harbor Carnival — "1+1>2"

FOOD2CHINA EXPO, the leading B2B exhibition and exchange platform in South China focusing on display of global specialty food and beverages. With years of experience, we develop over 100,000 contacts in the industry network, helping 500+ enterprises on successful market development.

Harbor Carnival is a comprehensive food party with international food, music and games. Various activities and performance competitions will bring consumers an immersive consumption experience.

The joint project of FOOD2CHINA Carnival will be an innovative “B2B2C” model to help exhibitors develop market channels more quickly. Daytime will be B2B matchmaking sessions, afternoon and evening is party time for public consumers, it will allow exhibitors to promote brands and sell products to consumers through games, performances and all the activities.

Food and fun, a wonderful global food festival

Food2China Carnival is a large fun party with international food, music and games. Here you can dress up as a sailor, a merchant, an elf, a clown or even a ghost.

It’s a leisurely event, you can meet friends and enjoy beers from all over the, you can play with them in various games. Make deals in the fun and gain customers in the game.

Exhibition Zones

There are 5 main exhibition zones in Food2China Carnival, including Exotic Realm, Tipsy Barrel, Candy Workshop, Coffee Park and Cutlery Union. Packed with various theme activities.

Exotic Realm:

Displays typical foods from different countries all around the world. We will cooperate with Consulates General in Guangzhou to invite global excellent food vendors for exhibition to bring a wonderful meal

Tipsy Barrel:

Displays many kinds of wine and drinks, like craft beer, imported wine, liquor, cocktail, Baijiu and nonalcoholic beverage, as well as syrup, soda drink, beer machine and wine mixing tools.

Candy Workshop:

Displays various snacks, candies and refreshments for kids, offering a candy land with fun for those who like candy.

Coffee Park:

Meet cool baristas and novelty drinks. All kinds of coffee, tea and soft drinks/sport drinks from different countries.

Cutlery Union:

Worldwide chain restaurants, hotel, fast food restaurants are invited to bring delicate and delicious cuisines.

Concurrent Activities

Meanwhile, lots of activities are held to bring more fun for participants. In the day, universal games are set for both young and old. At night, party begins with music.

In addition, several international competitions will be held here, including:

“Guangzhou coffee brewing competition”, “Bartender competition”,

“Guangzhou cooking competition”, and “My favorite imported food”,

to increase the International influence of Food2China Carnival and benefit all brand promotion.

Promotion methods 

The campaign will invite more than 100 global wholly media resources. covering TV, radios, newspaper, online and video platform media, social media platforms. The campaign will be launched 3 months before the event to achieve precision placement. Estimated over 10 million attention and exposure.

Subway station and carriage advertising, bus advertising, light boxes advertising, community and office building advertising for all-round coverage, it is expected to reach 5 million exposure towards the designated visitor groups.

Live Streaming Celebrities

100 food bloggers + 10 live streaming and short video platforms + 3 days of non-stop live streaming. It is expected to trigger 50 million interactive participation from young food fans across the country.