Functional Health Food Sector


Consumers are paying more and more attention to health, and healthy organic food is a core part of a healthy and balanced diet.
This sector builds the most professional green health food trade platform to attract well-known enterprises in the dairy and organic food industry to participate in the exhibition.

Display Products:

Milk and dairy products, dairy products, milk , egg and egg products, organic food, organic frozen food, milk and dairy products, organic bread, hot drinks, infants organic food,  non-prescription drugs, dietary supplements, functional food, etc

Part of Exhibitors:

Overseas suppliers:

Seyang Raw Material Inc.,  Globallfoods Company & Service,  Mahanaim Co., Ltd,  National Food Institute, Thailand,  1Export Trade And Services, Inc.,  OYÁ GmbH,  Aotsubu Co., Ltd. 

Chinese Importers:

Guangdong zhengyi pharmaceutical co.,LTD.