Seafood Meat & Fruit Sector


At present, the production and sales volume of meat and seafood are increasing, and product diversification, development prospects are promising. 

Fruits and vegetables can provide consumers with extremely rich vitamins, inorganic salts and dietary fiber, which is an important part of people's diet.

The Seafood Meat & Fruit Sector accommodates all kinds of imported meat, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables and dried fruits, creating a one-stop shopping platform for catering enterprises.

Display Products:

Fresh meat, frozen meat, meat products, canned meat, meat convenience foods, fresh fish, fresh shellfish and seafood, frozen fish and seafood, fish products, seafood products, semi-fresh seafood and fish products, frozen fruits and vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables products, etc

Part of Exhibitors:

Oversea Suppliers:

Sam Hae Commercial Co., Ltd,  Globallfoods Company & Service,  Nature One Fresh Produce,  Sahyadri Farmers Producer Co., Ltd.,  Al-Sami Agroproducts Pvt. Ltd.,  Natures Partner Agro Produce,  National Food Institute, Thailand,  1Export Trade And Services, Inc.,  Kalya Exports

Chinese Importers:

Oten Trading,  Guangzhou Thai Delicious Food Co., Ltd,  Green choice,