From the Italian fields to your kitchen, to your table.

A generous land
The ancient land of Campania felix has been known since the Roman era for its earthy soil, rich in minerals. San Marzano, which is famous for its tomatoes.

Start with the volcanic soil that feeds the fields on which tomatoes are planted and thrive, the tomatoes sauces has become an indispensable sauce in the idyllic and romantic land of Italy. Every summer, Italian gather to make tomatoes sauces, which has been a tradition.

The Corridors of Time

In 1972, Antonio Romano embarks on his entrepreneurial journey working hard to produce the finest San Marzano tomato in the world in the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius.


In 1983, the brand La Regina di San Marzano is born under the guidance of Antonio’s son – Felice Romano. With a modern, strategic vision, Felice transforms the business into one of the regions most successful and quality driven companies. The family continues to innovate and expand to include high quality tomato/pasta sauces without sacrificing the values and consistency that was his father’s foundation.

Today, the company employs over 500 people (in season) and produces the finest quality pasta sauces and canned San Marzano tomato products that are enjoyed in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States

The La San Marzano Difference

First and foremost, we are a 100% product of Italy – all ingredients are grown, harvested, and processed in and around San Marzano, Italy.

It all starts with the volcanic soil that feeds the fields on which our ingredients are planted and thrive.

LA REGINA DI SAN MARZANO nurses the tomatoes from the seeding, carefully monitoring each phase: nursery planting, transplanting, growing, hand picking and packing. They are especially grown with the mulching technique, that prevents them from being in contact with the soil and its acidity.

In LA REGINA DI SAN MARZANO, products are prepared in the simplest, most genuine, and most natural way, like we do every day in our kitchen at home.

From the Italian fields to your kitchen, to your table. Only LA REGINA DI SAN MARZANO do it artisanally, from farm to fork.

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