@ All People, You Have an Invitation from the "Coconut, Durian & Mango" Event

Hello, everybody! The Global "Coconut, Durian & Mango" Carnival will be held from September 19 to September 21 this year at Food2China Expo 2019. Now we sincerely invite you to enjoy this summer carnival! Let's rock n roll! Do you have so many questions about this event? Hold on a second. Let me explain them one by one. 

1. Who will participate in this event? 

It certainly will be more exciting if there are more people. 

Therefore, we hereby invite all durian, mango, and coconut family members to participate in this carnival! Including but not limited to growers, producers, processors, pastry makers, theme restaurants, desserts, beverage stores, supply chains and logistics companies, the products on display can be fresh fruits, dried fruits, fruit puree, cakes, ice-cream and related products of durian, mango and coconut. 

In addition, FOOD2CHINA Expo will invite Chinese importers, dealers, buyers, restaurant general managers and chefs, supermarket purchasing specialists, online distributors and food connoisseurs to the expo site! 

2. How will the event be carried out? 

Such a grand event, we must make it big! Rock up and let’s have fun with both online and offline activities! 

1) Online Activity 

2019 Fall in Love with Durian, Mango & Coconut 

Time (initial): August 15, 2019- September 18, 2019 

Form: Participants can participate in the "2019 Fall in Love with Durian, Mango & Coconut" online selection held by FOOD2CHINA, and present their products to Chinese consumers through the Internet, while allowing consumers to choose their favorite durian, mango and coconut products. 


2) Offline Activity 

A. Media Day-Offline Activity 

Time: September 19, 2019 Location: Area C, China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China 

Form: The "Coconut, Durian & Mango" offline activity will be held at the same time as "FOOD2CHINA Expo". How can there be such a grand event without media coverage? On the first day, the event will be jointly reported by more than 100 media outlets and FOOD2CHINA's rich industry resources, which will make it known to the world through its B2B website FOOD2CHINA.com, FOOD2CHINA magazine and EDM Mail! 

B. Business Activities-Offline Activity 

Time: September 19-20, 2019 

Location: Area C, China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China 

Form: In addition to providing a platform for participants to showcase their products, the offline event will host a series of business activities in these two days, such as B2B business docking, business promotion, experience sharing, award awarding and on-site appreciation. 

C. Public Open Day-Offline Activity 

Time: September 21, 2019 Location: Area C, China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China 

Form: FOOD2CHINA "Coconut, Durian & Mango" offline activity will be open to the public, with durian, mango and coconut-related games, competitions, promotions and other activities. Exciting game and fierce competition are going to bring the house down! 

Then, How to participate? 

Contact us right now! Don’t hesitate and join us to rock! 

Tel: 86-20-8381 1937 

Email: media@food2china.com

Source: www.food2china.com

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