Founded in 2016, EXQ FOOD is a South Korean company mainly engaged in health food. "Is there any food that is both delicious and healthy without preservatives, sugar, spices or chemical additives?” The reason for starting such a company, the founders said, was that they wanted to taste delicious and purely-natural food at the beginning. However, they found that many of the health foods on the market at the time were not very popular, mostly because they were healthy, but not very tasty. For this reason, they began to make delicious healthy foods from their favorite nuts and dried fruits, and sold them to local coffee shops. After that, they turned the hobby into a successful business idea, and then they started developing recipes and launched their first product, "3B Bar", in 2016.

Made from natural ingredients, the "3B Bar" is a nutritious, high-quality snack that uses plant-based ingredients from clean area of Europe, no added sugar or other chemicals, and is low in calories and gluten-free, and its packaging and assembly process are fully managed by experts. "3B Bar" contains a variety of recipes and flavors, such as Ginseng, figs, cherries and so on, which are very beneficial to health. In addition, its production meets the highest international quality standards. They are very strict with food safety and product taste control, and have invested a lot of money in the construction of plant facilities to ensure the quality of products, health and safety.


   Area C China, Import &Export Fair Complex Guangzhou

19th-21st September

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