EXHIBITOR: Guangdong Zhengyi Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd.| FOOD2CHINA EXPO 2019

Established in 2017, Guangdong Zhengyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a company with its own factory that has modern and advanced technology. It is committed to the research and production of Foods for Special Medical Purpose (FSMP) with independent intellectual property rights. With high content, easy to absorb, cost-effective features, its ganoderma series, medicated diet series, FSMP and products certified by China Food and Drug Administration have an excellent performance in the aspects of solubility, flavor and taste. The company's hot-sale products, like Zhengyi Zhuang Ginseng and Zhengyi Zhan bird's nest, meet the needs of the health care market and slow disease management, and have strong market competitiveness, which has been unanimously recognized by dealers and well received by consumers.

Zhengyi Zhuang selects the best quality roots of 6-year-old Korean Ginseng from "Korean Peninsula (Fengji) ", the world's best cultivated land for Ginseng, as raw material, combines with the experience of 100-year Ginseng production and modern production equipment, implements strict quality management standards, and constantly pursues high-quality Korean Ginseng products.

Zhengyi Zhan, which has its own swallow houses in Malaysia, is a professional cubilose enterprise integrating swiftlet introducing and bird’s nest picking, processing, wholesale and sales. From nesting, picking, screening, sorting, hair picking and packaging to shipping, the whole process is carefully monitored by a special person to ensure the quality and nutritional value of products. The company produces and sells all kinds of net cubilose (swallow houses) with complete quality, no bleaching, no glue, absolutely dry body, and its food safety and quality meet the standards of national certification. The products are directly imported by Sinopharm Import and Export Corporation, and the whole process has passed the CCIC of Chinese Academy of Sciences, which further guarantees the safety and health of consumers, as well as the reputation and quality of Zhengyi Zhan bird's nest.

Guangdong Zhengyi Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd.

   Area C China, Import &Export Fair Complex Guangzhou

19th-21st September

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