Global Foods is a business generation platform, segmented in the area of food and beverages. Through the constant use of technology, it helps Brazilian food and beverage companies to sell their products in the large retail market in Brazil, Mainland China and the United Arab Emirates. Global Foods operates as a broker and distributor, makes use of integrated technology to create new markets and analyzes the potential of the product, provide our clients with management reports to analyze the results, and creates and participate in focused and specific New Retail events.

Now, Global Foods has cooperated with various brands, with three product lines (Frozen Line, Natural food and Beverage Line), including many kinds of food, freshwater fish, pork, beef, fruit pulp, cheese bread, cocoa, Brazil nuts, dairy and cheese, honey, wine, beer, orange juice, etc.

Gobal Foods

   Area C China, Import &Export Fair Complex Guangzhou

19th-21st September

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