Leisure Food Sector

Professional research shows that leisure food and candy can reduce people's psychological pressure, and help consumers to relieve negative emotions and maintain a good mood, which has gradually become an indispensable part of People's Daily consumption.
This sector is the key area of FOOD2CHINA EXPO, gathering all kinds of classic leisure food and imported snacks, attracting enterprises from different countries such as Britain, Russia, Italy, South Korea, Thailand and so on.

Display Products:
Cakes, candies, cookies and kernels of confectionery, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, other chocolate and cocoa products, casual snacks, other candies, etc

Part of Exhibitors:

Overseas suppliers:

Globallfoods Company & Service,  3B Networks Co., Ltd,  Kidswell,  Natures Partner Agro Produce,  National Food Institute, Thailand,  Kalya Exports,  Intradco Pty Ltd,  1Export Trade And Services, Inc.,  Ayrin LLC,   

Chinese Importers:

Nissin Foods(China) Holding Co.,Ltd.,  Guangzhou Thai Delicious Food Co., Ltd,  Guangzhou Zhongkeng Trading Co.,ltd,  Guangdong Bawanghua Food Co., Ltd,  Weihai Yinying International Trading Co.,Ltd,  Shanghai Leheng Food Co.,Ltd