Wine & Beer Sector


Wine is popular all over the world. Whether as a beverage or as a condiment in cooking, it is widely used for simple or complex purposes. Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world. It has the characteristics of being able to drink with people and symbolizes hospitality and friendship.
It has attracted the world famous wine and beer producers from Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the Czech republic to participate in the exhibition.

Display Products:

Beer and mixed beer drinks, wine and sparkling wine, spirits, alcoholic drinks, etc

Part of Exhibitors:

Overseas suppliers:

Howard Park,  Below & Above,  Swings & Roundabouts,  Linkar Group Pty Ltd,  1Export Trade And Services, Inc.,  Globallfoods Company & Service,   London & Scottish International Ltd

Chinese Importers:

Guangzhou Youdi International Trade Co.,Ltd,  Le Yuan Wines(Shenzhen)Co., Ltd,  German Wine Group,  Eurochina Bridge S.L.,  Spritzer Bhd,  Guangzhou MinJia Food Co.,Ltd,  Lucky Man Wines,  Vina Shannon,  Oten Trading