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Abstract: The 2018 Imported Food Development Forum - Summit of International Leaders will be held from September 7 to 9, during the FHW CHINA 2018, at Hall 8.1, China Import and Export Fair Complex.


According to statistics, China imported a total of 14.229 million batches, 53.481 million tons, 58.28 billion US dollars of food in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 7.9%, 36.5% and 25.0% respectively. China’s top 10 food categories of import by value were meat, grease & oil, dairy products, aquatic products, grain & grain products, wine, sugar, beverage, nuts & dried fruit, and cake & biscuits, the import value of which reached 53.91 billion yuan and accounted for 92.5% of the total.



At least 84% of Chinese households bought imported food at least once in the past year. The figure was 76% three years ago. Amost 100% of the families in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu (four key cities in China) bought imported food, and the average purchase frequency reached 15 times in the past year.


Do you really know how big the Chinese imported food market is?

What role each country will play in the multi-billion Yuan market?

What exactly do suppliers think of the business matching between Chinese and foreign companies?

Many are engaged in import business. How can I do better than others?



The 2018 Imported Food Development Forum - Summit of International Leaders will be held from September 7 to 9, during the FHW CHINA 2018, at Hall 8.1 China Import and Export Fair Complex!



More than 30 representatives of consulates of various countries in Guangzhou and industry leaders will be invited to share their wisdom at the two-day forum, and more than 1,000 decision-makers in the imported food industry will gather to discuss hot topic like industry development trends, policies and sales channels to facilitate foreign food’s entry into the Chinese market.


As an annual big industry exchange event held by the Guangdong Imported Food Association (IFA), the forum triggers a brainstorming every year. Professional, high-end and exclusive,  it is spoken highly of among the industry. Along with  development of the imported food industry, whether personnel or products are undergoing constant selection and evolution.


Live Sharing by Important International Leaders

As the main highlight of this event, the Imported Food Development Forum will feature the participation of embassies, consulates, trade promotion agencies and enterprises of dozens of countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Czech, Turkey, Thailand, South Korea, Canada, India, Indonesia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Sri Lanka. An exchange platform will be built for Chinese and overseas companies to discuss cultural characteristics and food export policies so as to enhance mutual understanding.



Incisive Insight Into the Industry Trends

At present, the entire imported food industry is in the stage of rapid development, which brings many opportunities and challenges. How big is the capacity of the Chinese imported food market? What are the most popular products? How to interpret the “customs and inspection in one” policy?  


Authoritative industry leaders, including IFA president, officials from the China Customs and representatives from renowned analysis agencies, will share their insight on the new pattern of the Chinese imported food industry, how imported food will develop in the new retail era, and how foreign food companies can make use of new channels to exploit the Chinese market.


The Most Efficient Communication Platform

The event will replace the traditional convention mode with round-table discussion. All the guests present can share with each other their opinions on the topic to improve efficiency of communication, which helps them solve difficult problems.


Rich Upstream and Downstream Industry Resources

The Imported Food Development Forum gathers high-quality resources at home and abroad, from the source to the terminal, and connects companies of the global food industry chain to build a platform for communication and interaction!



Attention of Global Industry Media

The 2018 Imported Food Development Forum has attracted the attention of nearly 70 domestic and foreign industry media. Their real-time report of the event will greatly boost its influence.








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Welcome speech

IFA president Mr. Qi Yilong


China Imported Food Market Trend Report 2018

Representative from Nielsen China


How Can Foreign Food Rapidly Enter the Chinese Market

IFA vice president Mr. Jiang Ding


Interpretation of food import policies

Representative from Guangzhou Customs


Round-table discussion: How to Promote the Development of International Food in the Chinese Market

Representatives from consulates and governmental agencies of various countries


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A sideliner or a participatorHow to share the multi-billion Yuan market?  From September 7 to 9, "2018 Imported Food Development Forum" welcomes your participation.

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