China to be the world’s biggest imported food market in 2018 and likely achieves a market scale reaching $ 480 billion.
In recent years, the ports for China’s food import are mainly concentrated in the coastal provinces and cities.
In 2018, the top 10 provinces (including municipalities directly under the Central Government) of imported food trade by value were Guangdong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Fujian, Zhejiang, Beijing and Guangxi.


*Featuring a total 25,000 Square Meters Exhibition Area;
*A brand new high efficient and precise online business matching platform-food2China.com for registered exhibitors to post their products;
*Qualified and arranged onsite business matching with VIP Buyers for each national pavilion, supported By Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association.
*More than 20 professional forums and competitions will be held onsite to provide professional industry exchange information and ideas sections.  

A)National Pavilions 


B)Exhibit Area

1. Snack & Confectionery section

Pastry, Sugar confectionery, Preserves, Biscuits,Confectionery products from kernels, Nuts, Dried fruit, Chocolate, Other chocolate and cocoa products, snack products, other confectionery, etc.

2. Meat & Seafood section

Meat(unprocessed), Frozen Meat, Meat products, Preserves containing meat, Meat-based convenience products, Chilled & fresh fish, Chilled & fresh shellfish and seafood, Frozen fish and seafood,Fish products, Seafood products, Semi-preserved seafood & fish products, Seafood-based convenience products, etc.

3. Foods & Condiments section

Nutrients, General provisions and staple foods, Canned food, Ready-meals and soup products, Delicatessen sauces and seasonings, Dried fruit and vegetables, Oils, Baked goods, etc.

4. Wine & Beer section

Beer and mixed beer drinks, Wine and sparkling wine, Spirits, Alcoholic drinks, etc.

5. Coffee,Tea & Beverage section

Coffee, Tea, Cacao, Non-alcoholic drinks, etc.

6. Health & Infant Food section

Milk and dairy products, Milk substitute products and cream products, Cheese, Dried milk products, Eggs and egg products, Organic delicatessen products, Frozen organic products, Organic milk and dairy products, Organic bread, Organic hot beverage, Organic drinks, Maternity & infant food, Maternity and baby nutriment, Non-prescription medicines/ OTC, Dietary supplement, Health food and dietetic products, Functional foods, etc.

7. Fruit & Vegetables section

Frozen fruits and vegetables, cut fruits and vegetables, Chilled & fresh fruits and vegetables, Dried fruits and vegetables, etc.

8. Food Service & Equipment section

Customs clearance, Product traceability, Warehousing and logistics, E-commerce platform, Cold chain transportation, Supply chain finance, Food producing, Packing and transportation equipment, Other services.


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