Food2China Carnival


     I.        Introduction

FOOD2CHINA CARNIVAL, organized by Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association and FOOD2CHINA, managed by Worldex-SingEx Exhibition (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. will be held at the Food2China Trading Center in 2021.

FOOD2CHINA CARNIVAL is a comprehensive food event with international food, music and games, which will bring consumers an immersive consumption experience. The organizer will also help exhibitors to develop quality channels more efficiently through B2B business matching, product display, B2C outdoor retail and cultural output.

Scale60,000 m2Outdoor & Indoor, more than 150 booths

Number of Visitorsestimated 50,000

Categories of Productsimported snacks, confectionaries, beverages, fruits, seafood, coffee, beer, wines and spirits, cooked foods, etc.

International Exhibitors


(Pictures of the event venue)

   II.         Media Promotion

 III.        Concurrent Activities

ø Mask graffiti Do the graffiti together. Make a unique mask for yourself.

ø Blindfold sword-fightBlindfold battle with swords and the winner can get a present.

ø Treasure huntingTake a snap shot at special points and find treasures in the venue.

ø Harbor film festivalSelected films are shown on the stage screen

ø Costume party with music and beerHot music from different countries is played.

ø Haunted performing tourA haunted cosplay performing team will perform.


 IV.        How to Join Us?

1.    Types of the Booth

Shell Scheme9 / 6㎡)、Raw Spacemin 18㎡)

* Please feel free to contact us for the participate fee.

2.    Details of BM meetings


October 29-30, 9 A.M.-12 A.M.


Food2China Trading Center ( Guangzhou Haizhu)


snacks, beverage, fruits, seafoods, coffee, beer, wine and spirits, meats


1. Arrange Chinese buyers according to the categories you provided.

2. Promote your brand to increase the brand awareness with our multiple media resources.

V.    Contact Us

Please contact us to acquire more info you need. Looking forward to our collaboration.

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