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From December 2022 to early March 2023, the team of Food2China and the team of Guangdong Imported Food Association(GDIFA)cooperated with Fat Frog, a brand of Irish RTD cocktail, and held an online matchmaking meeting.

In the process of meeting, Food2China and GDIFA invited wine and liquor importers with mature retail and distributor channels for Fat Frog. Before the meeting, the team introduced the brand concept, characteristics and the promotion of Fat Frog in other countries to the buyers, so that the buyers have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the brand and products before the meeting, so as to improve the matching efficiency. During the meeting, the team tracked the communication between the buyer and the seller throughout the whole process, followed up the progress between the two parties after the meeting and arranged offline negotiation meetings for both parties to consolidate the results of the connection.



After the meeting, due to the active follow-up and assistance of Food2China team, some buyers reached a cooperation consensus with Fat Frog brand in Ireland on different products and sales channels. It is expected to officially carry out cooperation and brand promotion in the first half of this year, and is expected to be launched in China this year, so that more Chinese consumers can experience the delicious taste of Ireland.



Fat Frog team spoke highly of the online matchmaking and said that it will continue to cooperate with GDIFA and Food2China to promote and bring other products to China market. In the future, Food2China team will continue to work with Guangdong Imported Food Association to cooperate with more high-quality overseas food brands or foreign embassies and consulates in China and relevant trade promotion organizations to provide importers with rich and high-quality imported food resources and bring unique and delicious local food into the Chinese market.

中食展(广州)Food2China Expo will be held at Poly World Trade Expo in Guangzhou from September 21 to 23. We welcome you to seize the opportunity of the great recovery in the China market.

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