F2C Match Review | Turkish Edible Oil Online Match Completed


On March 14,2023 , the Turkish Edible Oil Online Match , jointly organized by the Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association, Food2China, the Turkey Embassy in China, the Turkish Exporters' Association (TIM) and the Aegean Sea Exporters' Association (EIB) , was a complete success. During the online match, the organizers matched Chinese buyers who have great need of edible oil to suppliers who are well-reputed in Turkey with great producing capacity and quality and arranged several 1v1 meeting for both parties.


Ms. Wency Tan from Food2China and Guangdong Imported Food Association introduced edible oil market’s demand in China.

She gave some suggestions on how Turkish edible oil brands seize the Chinese market: ① Turkish authority and suppliers should enhance the image of the Turkish Edible oil in the Chinese market. ② Suppliers should optimize and enhance OEM services. ③ Suppliers should do market research and keep up with the market demand to update their products.

The Food2China platform is undoubtedly the best choice for Turkish suppliers to expend their business in the market. Also, the Food2China Expo 2023 that will be held in Guangzhou from September 21 to 23 is a good opportunity for suppliers and buyers to interact face-to-face.



The Online Match brought together dozens of influenced and professional suppliers and buyers who had a keen observation for the market, including those whose annual import reached tens of billions. During the 1v1 meeting, they carried out deep communication on the productivity, specifications and quality, packaging and prices, promotion support and distribution channels etc.


After the online match, many buyers considered the meeting was highly effective, and have given good feedback. Most of them reached an initial intention to cooperate with some suppliers .The Turkey Embassy in China highly praised  the organization of the online match. And they will continually join hands with Guangdong Food Import Association and Food2China to hold a series of business meeting for Turkish products, such as seafood.

It's believed this event brings the buyers and suppliers new business opportunities. We also hope that both parties can go hands in hands, and create a bright future in the field of food trade after the meeting.

Buyer feedback

Buyer A:

I had a good talk with the supplier and wanted to try out their samples after the meeting.


Buyer B:

I am interested in that the supplier has both olive and olive oil produced, and I would like to keep contact and further cooperate with the supplier. 


Buyer C:

The quote from one of the suppliers is reasonable. I think it’s a good option to cooperate with this company.


Buyer D:

Although I failed to communicate with the supplier in the first round, this company is capable enough to export enough quantity we need. I will wait for the contact so that to further negotiate with this company. For another supplier we met, I had a pleasant conversation with it, and I am waiting for the ingredient list to see what we can do in the next step.


Buyer E:

Through today’s meeting, we are interested in further cooperation with the arranged supplier.


Activity Preview

In the first half of this year, the team of Food2China and Guangdong Imported Food Association will continue to work with the Turkish Embassy to hold series of online matchmaking in other food categories. Contact us if you are interested in other types of Turkish food.

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