The post-90s and post-00s, who accept and would like to try new things, have become the main consumers of imported snacks. These young people are pursuing novelty and excitement. They are accustomed to the taste of domestic snacks, so some imported snacks with exotic tastes are be able to satisfy them. In addition, women's love for snacks is stronger than men's. According to the 2018 Taobao Data Report, the most popular search keyword for post-90s women is snacks, and they have spent a lot of energy and money in snacks, and can even spend 300,000 yuan on snacks in one day! 

Delicious, healthy and good-looking imported snacks are more popular among female consumers. According to online statistics, at present, females are the main consumers of imported snacks, account for 73% of the total consumer groups, with women aged 23-28 as the core group. Imported snacks give them more fun and satisfy their needs in social and entertainment, no matter when they are watching TV series or chatting with friends. In addition, some healthy snacks featuring quality life and health concepts are more in line with the current women's concept of life, and naturally the sales volume is also rising. For example, those snacks on the market such as the Belgian Guylian sugar-free chocolate and the British Mcvitie's original flavor whole-wheat digestive biscuits, etc., are all marketed as sugar-free and high in fiber, and even candy is advertised as sugar-free, which have been highly praised at online platforms.

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