Food2China Expo 2019 Leads the Trend of Imported Food Industry in China through Multi-Ways of Promotion

Less than a month left to Food2China Expo! FOOD2CHINA Expo 2019 will be held in area C of China Import & Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou from September 19 to 21. Our team has been dedicated to creating the most professional platform for the imported food industry in South China. The resources of the imported food industry have been integrated to the greatest extent, so that imported food suppliers and buyers can enjoy efficient and high-quality business docking through the exhibition, and it has attracted buyers from all over the country to come and purchase through various ways of publicity and media coverage.

How can there be so many buyers? It benefited from the hard work and efforts of the team behind FOOD2CHINA Expo 2019. Now let me reveal what our professional team has done to invite professional audiences.

In order to better serve the imported food industry and meet the needs of business cooperation between enterprises, a great many of manpower and material resources have been invested in the organization of buyers this year, and a series of professional audience invitations are in full swing.

Phone, Text and Email Invitations

Our team is inviting imported food buyers from Guangdong, Shanghai, Guangxi, Hunan, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other provinces and cities across the country to come and purchase through various channels such as telephone calls, text messages and emails, so as to accurately understand the needs of buyers.

Joint Operations with Other Business Associations

Trade associations play a role of linking, sorting and gathering in the exhibition, bringing more professional buyers to the exhibition. We have joined hands with dozens of business associations in the imported food industry and invited numerous trade association groups to the exhibition, so as to achieve the comprehensive coverage of exhibition buyers from import traders, chain supermarkets, hotel management groups, to group catering service organizations, wholesale markets, and catering enterprises.

Hand in Hand with Local Food Markets

In recent months, the team of Food2China Expo 2019 has gone to Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market, Lianxing Food Wholesale Market (Nantai Food Wholesale Market), Xinyuan cereal and oil food market, Dongwang food wholesale market, Yide trading market, Baizhong food trading market, Decheng comprehensive market, Haizhongbao, Shan Hai Town dried seafood market, and other large food trade and wholesale markets for field visits and publicity work.

During the visit, the publicity staff enthusiastically and actively introduced the advantages and highlights of FOOD2CHINA Expo 2019 to the customers, so that every enterprise could understand the exhibition to the greatest extent. The site visit to the markets and publicity have achieved good results through positive and enthusiastic introduction and publicity. Relevant enterprises have a certain in-depth understanding of FOOD2CHINA Expo 2019, and a large number of merchants have purchase intentions, laying a solid foundation for the invitation of professional audiences.

Global Multi-Platform Exposure

Apart from one-to-one invitations, we will also report FOOD2CHINA Expo 2019 together with a number of well-known media at home and abroad, and release exhibition information around the world to enable the exhibition to be displayed in an all-round way and realize the collaborative publicity effect of multi-media platforms, and we strive to create the most professional imported food expo in south China.

Multi-Platform and Multi-Channel Promotion

Furthermore, the publicity of this year's exhibition will be more diversified in form. We make use of the website, Food to China Magazine, EDM, Baidu SEM, live broadcast, Wechat public accounts, Facebook, Linkedin and other channels to promote and advertise the fair, so as to ensure that the exhibition covers the South China market in an all-round way.

Next, we will promote more advertising campaigns to attract more professional audiences to the exhibition, so as to serve the imported food industry heart and soul and make great plans for the development of the industry. We are looking forward to meeting you and joining us in this huge showcase. Come on and join us!

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