Turkish Pinar Cheese Tasting&Promotion Event Concluded

On January 19th, the Turkish Pinar cheese tasting event " Enjoying Cheese" was successfully held in the Guangzhou MADO Ice Cream Cafe (Taojin Branch). The event was organized by the Guangdong Imported Food Association, FOOD2CHINA, Hayat Food Company, and co-organized by the Turkish Consulate General in Guangzhou. Consul General Mr. Kurtuluş AYKAN, Mr. Serdar AFŞAR who is the Commercial Attaché of Consulate General of Turkey, Jiang Ding who is the Vice President of Guangdong Imported Food Association and Hayat Food Company Managing Director Dr. Neville Ceasar all attended the event and delivered several welcome speeches.

During the beginning of the event, the representatives of the Turkish Consulate General in Guangzhou explained to the guests that Turkey is one of the top ten dairy producers in the world with many unique cheese choices and there is a high potential that China will become the top export destination of Turkish Dairy products following the lift of the export restrictions earlier in May last year. Pinar is the first batch of cheese to arrive in China after Turkish dairy products obtained the permit needed to be exported to China. They also hoped to bring a new Turkish cheese to local consumers through this event and increase the brand influence of Turkish Pinar cheese.

Pinar is a famous Turkish dairy producer, whose products are well-known in Turkey, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, and Caucasian countries. Pinar’s exports account for 20% of Turkey's total dairy exports. Currently Hayat Food Co., Ltd. is the exclusive authorized distributor of this brand in China.

During the event, Pinar brought 10 types of cheese products with different flavors. They also showed the guests the variety of the Pinar cheese through the 17 cheese filled dishes. With Pinar cheese’s vast variety of different flavors and packaging, they are able to meet the needs of their various customers.

For this event, the organizers invited professional distributors in the dairy industry of Guangdong, as well as representatives of well-known starred hotels and those who are working in the catering industry. Many professional buyers intended to discuss further business details with the supplier after attending the event.

This event not only promoted the development of Turkish cheese in the Chinese market by promoting high-quality Turkish Pinar cheese through accurate business matchings and professional media reports; but it also established cooperative exchange platforms for dairy enterprises in Guangdong.

In the future, the Guangdong Imported Food Association and FOOD2CHINA will continue to work with Hayat Food Company to allow more Chinese consumers to experience the delicious and unique flavors of Turkish Pinar cheese, while at the same time allowing consumers to have a better understanding of Turkish dairy products.

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