The skills of creating Intelligent, Fast and Professional Imported Food Supply Chain you can get it here on September 9th

It's inevitable that imported food companies meet multiple barriers in customs quarantine and port logistics in the process of food import. Due to the separation of suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers and sales channels, customer experience in imported food industry has been deteriorating. However, with professional, intelligent and fast supply chain services, Shenzhen Unifoco Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd. has managed to constantly improve satisfaction of each customer. What kind of imported food supply chain can be counted as “fast, professional and intelligent”?

How can imported food companies use the relationship between supply chain upgrading and intelligentization transformation to maximize their profit? How can Shenzhen Unifoco Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd. make use of its own unique supply chain finance to help upstream and downstream businesses? All the questions will be answered by Liu Junjie, sales director of South China region of Shenzhen Unifoco Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd., at FHW CHINA 2017 Imported Food Development Forum –Intelligent Logistics in the New Retail Era on September 9, 10:00-12:00.

Shenzhen Unifoco Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd. has been focused on imported food supply chain for 10 years. Meanwhile, as an inspection agent for China Customs, it also provides domestic freight, warehouse and distribution services, aiming to establish a door-to-door supply chain service platform. With 6 years’ experience in international logistics and 3 years’ experience in imported food supply chain service, Liu Junjie, sales director of South China Region of Shenzhen Unifoco Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd., will lead it to create a miracle moment .

Intelligent, fast and professional Chao Yuan supply chain experience

In the new retail era, imported food supply chains face unprecedented fierce competition.With multiple integration of logistics, fund flow, information flow and business flow, upstream and downstream businesses pay more and more attention to supply chain. Seizing this opportunity, Chao Yuan makes full use of its professional logistics knowledge, intelligent information system and supply chain financial services to provide customers with a safe and efficient supply chain service platform. Chao Yuan also provides agency and warehouse services (port warehouse, distribution warehouse and display warehouse rolled into one) for multi-port and multi-mode transport import. Sparing no effort to establish intensified logistics network and visualized intelligent warehouse technology system, Chao Yuan aims to provide food suppliers with professional, fast, safe, efficient and optimized one-stop supply chain services.

New field of supply chain finance 

With development of production mode, market competition has changed from single customer competition to supply chain competition. All parties within a single supply chain are linked for both wins and losses. Meanwhile, as credit sales have become the major mode of transaction, it is hard for suppliers who are in the middle and downstream of a supply chain to seek financial support from the bank in the traditional way of credit and loan. However, short of found would lead to stagnation of following links or even the sad end of “chain scission”. To survive or to court destruction? Chao Yuan tackles this difficult issue and provides the most comprehensive supply chain financial services to imported food operators to promote efficient operation of supply chain capital and reduce management cost for the whole supply chain system. 

Want to know how many opportunitiesShenzhen Unifoco Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd. financial services can bring to the imported food industry? Want to be a supply chain expert? Want to have a face-to-face interaction with the masters? Except for the forum, you can also witness the powerful strength of Shenzhen Shenzhen Unifoco Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd. at Booth No. HT08, Hall 8.1,  FHW CHINA 2017 | POWERED BY FOOD2CHINA.COM! What are you still waiting for? Just join us at FHW CHINA 2017, Hall 8.1, on September 9, 10:00-12:00.
Time: September 9, 10:00-12:00
Venue: Forum Zone, Hall 8.1, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex

Speeches and speakers:
Intelligent logistics public platform in the New Retail Era
——Sheng Yan,  Chairman of Yijia Logistics

Intelligent、Speediness、Profession——Import food supply chain quality experience
—— Liu Junjie, Sales Director of South China Region of Shenzhen Unifoco Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd.
Bollore Logistics: International Food Cold Chain Expert
——Zhang Weichao,South China General Manager of Bolloré Logistics China Co.,Ltd.
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