Want to know how intelligent logistics lead industrial boom? Here on September 9th the Secret Is Unveiled for You!

Breakthroughs of intelligent technology have brought along soaring efficiency of imported food industry, breaking of traditional bottleneck, and even subversion of the existing thinking mode. According to predictions by professional institutions, China’s imported food market will reach $480 billion. With the double opportunities brought by technology and market expansion, what direction intelligent logistics of imported food supply chain will take?

According to Sheng Yan, Chairman of Yijia Logistics: "Every change in business will bring changes in logistics, and every change in logistics will bring changes to business. Only both business flow and logistics are effectively connected, can mutual promotion be achieved. Intelligent logistics is an irresistible trend which will bring some changes to business."

Yijia Logistics, is one of the pioneers of intelligent upgrade of imported food supply chain logistics undoubtedly. Led by Sheng Yan, Yijia Logistics has taken the initiative to integrate “logistics” and “terminals” based on 18 supermarket systems (WAL-MART, Lotus, Carrefour, etc.) and a self-built logistics system. What exactly a “all channels intelligent logistics public platform in the new retail era” like? And what roles will Yijia Logistics play in this new trend? On September 9th, 10:00-12:00, Sheng Yan, Chairman of Yijia Logistics will tell you the answers at the 2017 Imported Food Development Forum—Intelligent Logistics in the New Retail Era!

Instead of waiting for the future, we should choose to create the future
With the new retail era around the corner, distributors of imported food industry are facing increasingly fierce competition. Due to complex logistics, business flow and information flow and capital flow, they can't carry out drastic actions to expand their business territory. National platforms like JingDong New Channel and Ali LST are established one after another to seize terminal market share. The development and progress of the times has brought the pains of transition to distributors. To adhere to the old ways, or to change and accept the pains that come along with drastic reformation. To Sheng Yan, the answer requires no debate! Logistics is the old, big and difficult issue for distributors. So whoever takes the lead to integrate front-end supply and terminal channels through logistics supply chain can survive in the knock-out competition.

Four major reforms to empower logistics supply chain
From big data analysis to cloud computing, artificial intelligence technologies will certainly bring changes to the logistics industry. Sheng Yan believes that changes would mainly occur in four aspects: intelligent logistics, organizational change, service upgrade and cost efficiency. He believes that intelligent logistics is an unstoppable trend, and the future competition between logistics enterprises will lies in the competition of technology. Upgrading of intelligent logistics inevitably comes with organizational change. Logistics enterprises need to restructure their own organizational models and business processes to adapt to and embrace this change. And the use of intelligent technologies in the logistics industry, such as intelligent cloud warehouse, unmanned driving, and car and goods matching, will greatly improve cost efficiency. The above three points will jointly promote service upgrades, and logistics services will be more transparent, accurate, predictable and flexible, which will improve overall user experience.

Intelligent technology will undoubtedly lead to a new round of industrial upgrading. A number of industry giants have started to get involved in development and application of unmanned technology. How will Yijia Logistics deal with the situation? How many opportunities will intelligent logistics create for the imported food industry? Do you have any more questions to ask? Find your answers here at 2017 Imported Food Development Forum – Intelligent Logistics in the New Retail Era, Hall 8.1, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex on September 9th, 10:00-12:00 

Time: September 9, 10:00-12:00
Venue: Forum Zone, Hall 8.1, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex
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10:00 - 10:35
Intelligent Logistics Public Platform in the New Retail Era
——Sheng Yan, Chairman of Yijia logistics.
10:35 - 11:10
Intelligent, Fast and Professional –Excellent Experience of Chao Yuan Imported Food Supply Chain
—— Liu Junjie, Sales director of south China district of Shenzhen Unifoco Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd.
11:10 - 11:45
Bolloré Logistics: the International Food Cold Chain Logistics Expert by Your Side
——Zhang Weichao, South China General Manager of Bollore Logistics China Co.,Ltd. 
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