GZ as the first and more cities optimize COVID control measures

On November 30, 11 districts in Guangzhou issued notices to optimize COVID-19 prevention and control measures, which announces to lift all the restriction in the temporary lockdown areas. It means Guangzhou is moving into a new phase of regular prevention and control measures so as to minimize the inconvenienced caused to the residents.

People praised Guangzhou for its courage and commitment. The new policy conveys the confidence of the whole city's economic recovery, the determination to strengthen the opening up, and people's trust in Guangzhou.

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Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Until now, more Chinese cities have adjusted their COVID-19 measures to facilitate people resuming work and social activities, as members of the public are being asked to take greater responsibility to protect their own health.

At the same time, China has cut the COVID-19 quarantine period for inbound travelers from 10 to 8 days and canceled the circuit breaker for inbound flights few weeks ago. This policy has greatly reduced the restrictions on international travel and greatly facilitated the needs of international exhibitors.

The optimized epidemic prevention policy reflects the human interest of the policy. As a Citizen, exhibition practitioner and organizer of the Food2China Expo, we are encouraged by Guangzhou’s courage and boldness to be the pioneer, which enables us the determination and confidence to carry out more face-to-face interaction and business opportunities. 


The COVID may have affected the economy and temporary infect in the food industry. However, with its indispensable role in people’s life, food industry is still in a great potential. 

As one of the practitioners in the food industry, we are looking forward to the reunion and face-to-face interaction with all the buyers and exhibitors. 

We believe that, in the year of 2023, the China food market will soon recover, and people’s consumption in food will continue to rise into a greater level. With the trend of the recovery, Zhong Shi Zhan中食展(Guangzhou)Food2China Expo can also be a reliable and trustworthy choice for your exhibition plan in 2023!


21-23, 2023

Food2China Expo

Founded in 2000, Zhong Shi Zhan中食展 has grown into a leading food and beverage trade event in Asia with high reputation worldwide. In the year of 2023, Zhong Shi Zhan will launch in the South part of China. 

The inaugural 中食展(广州)Food2China Expo, Guangzhou International Food & Ingredients Fair and Wine to China Expo will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center from September 21 to September 23, 2023.



•  China Commerce Development Center

• China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangzhou Committee

  WorldEx-SingEx Exhibitions (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd. 

    Singapore’s Constellar Holdings

•  Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association


•   China Chamber of International Commerce Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce 


•   China Chamber of International Commerce Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce 

•   WorldEx-SingEx Exhibitions (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd. 

•   Shanghai Hehe Expo Group Co., Ltd.


Why Exhibit

As a millennium commercial capital, Guangzhou has developed foreign trade with a long history, with strong business radiating ability, and an image of "eating in Guangzhou",which has opened the door for global food and increased the huge consumption potential.


Four-in-one mega fair with strong  alliance

Joint multiple experienced organizers, integrate resources and gather brand enterprises from 40+ countries.


Diversified channels to build high-quality B2B platform

“Pre-show matching”, “onsite BM”, “post-show follow-up”, Food2China Match will offer all-year-round match services.


Gathering the strength of government organizations and 

industry associations

Connect with an estimated 100+ overseas trade-promoting authorities and organizations in F&B, catering, retailing, etc.


Various forums to lead industry innovation 

20+ events and forums will be held to discover new opportunities, such as policy interpretation, sales channels, etc.

The registration of exhibitors is open.
Food2China Expo will provide the following services for all interested exhibitors
Early bird registration benefits for the entire exhibition

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WorldEx-SingEx Exhibitions (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

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Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association

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