F2C Match Review| Turkish FMCG Food Online Match Completed

Before the Spring Festival, Food2China and Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye in China, the TURKIYE IHRACATCILAR MECLISI held a “Turkish Non-alcoholic Beverages Online Match”. The event was highly praised by all the attendees including the Chinese importers, Turkish authority and suppliers. Therefore, the two sides organized another online event with the topic of “ Turkish FMCG Food Online Match Meeting” accurately organized several meetings for Chinese buyers and Turkish suppliers.


The food categories involved in this event are leisure and puffed food, baking ingredients, condiments, dairy products, with over 30 subdivided categories including nuts, chocolate, candy, cookies, wafer, cheese, butter, ketchup, barbecue sauce, etc.

At the event, Ms. Tan, a representative of Food2China, introduced the consumption trends of snack food, dairy products, and condiments in China, and also detailed how Food2China services will help Turkish suppliers to expand their market in China. Among them, the 中食展(广州)Food2China Expo, which will be held at Poly World Trade Expo in Guangzhou from September 21 to 23, an excellent opportunity for international food factories and exporters to enter the Chinese market and negotiate with potential partners face to face.


Following the tradition of cooperation, the two sides once again invited food trade representatives of the two countries together. Both Chinese buyers and Turkish food brands and factories are influential leaders in the industry. Among them, the Food2China team successfully invited representatives of well-known chain stores with an annual turnover of more than 10 billion yuan and large food importers with mature sales networks to attend the meeting and negotiate with suppliers with the same strength in Türkiye, helping them to connect with high-quality potential partners without leaving their office.

Most of Türkiye 's FMCG food enterprises participating in the meeting are local and nationally renowned brands, and some of them even have more than 20 food product lines, providing Chinese buyers in the meeting with rich choices of "one-stop purchasing".


Remark from a Zhuhai importer:

I appreciated the efforts of Food2China platform, which allows me to contact such high-quality suppliers in the least time and at the lowest cost. In the past, we had to go to several exhibitions and fly to several countries to select suppliers with such various of products line. We earned a lot from this meeting!

According to the Food2China team’s following up, there is an order undergoing, a Chinese importer is going to place a trial order of one container cheese from one of the Turkish suppliers.

The key to reach a successful cooperation is based on the premise that both sides have a clear intention to cooperate. For example, whether the products meet the buyers’ need and their sales channels? Whether the suppliers’ overall strength including packaging design, brand influence and capacity meet the buyers requirements? Meanwhile, the promotional support from the suppliers and sufficient communication between the two parties are also crucial when buyers verifying the possibility of the cooperation.

This successful cooperation would not have been possible without the strong support of the Turkish Embassy, as well as the efforts from Food2China and Guangdong Imported Food Association teams on communicating the needs of buyers, recommending the relevant products, organizing meetings, and providing follow-up services after the meeting.

In the future, the Turkish Embassy will continue to cooperate with Guangdong Imported Food Association and Food2China to organized other matchmaking meetings in different categories such as edible oil and seafood, and jointly promote the trade cooperation for both sides in the field of food.

Activity preview

In mid-March, the association and the Turkish Embassy will once again hold an online meeting to invite qualified Turkish edible oil suppliers to participate in the online meeting. Scan the following QR code to pre-register the event.


中食展(广州)Food2China Expo, which will be held at Poly World Trade Expo in Guangzhou from September 21 to 23. We welcome you to seize the opportunity of the great recovery in the China market.

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