Food markets are the places with great vitality in a city. Many kinds of fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat are displayed in stalls. Housewives, chefs and other buyers come to a market to bring fresh food to every corner of a city and make them delicious food. There are many well-known food markets in the world, which are playing an inportant role in a city.

The oldest food market: Mercat De La Boqueria Barcelona, Spain


The Mercat De La Boqueria is believed to have originated in the 13th century as a pork market.Now it has grown into one of the best outdoor markets in the world. Regarded as the heart of Barcelona, it is situated in one of most fascinating buildings. Every day, more than 200 traders roll up their blinds, ready to offer the choicest local and international gastronomic products. Thousands of thousands of food from all over the world are being sold in the market everyday, including seafood, dates, nuts. etc.

The largest seafood and fish wholesale market:Toyosu Market Tokyo, Japan (Former: Tsukiji Outer Market)


Tokyo Tsukiji Market was the largest wholesale market for seafood and fish in the world. From cheap seaweed and sea urchins to caviar, there were more than 400 kinds of seafood for local people and tourists. In October 2018, Tsukiji Market, which has been operating for nearly 83 years, moved to Toyosu Market. Toyosu Market took over the wholesale business from the aging Tsukiji Market and provided tourists with an opportunity to dine at restaurants across its large, modern premises. The Toyosu market is on a 40-hectare site, 1.7 times larger than Tsukiji market. The huge wholesale market consists of three main buildings: two buildings for seafood and one for fruits and vegetables. The Fish Wholesale Market Building is where the tuna auctions take place between around 5:30 and 6:30 in the mornings.Once, a first-rate bluefin tuna fetched 17.6 billion US dollars at auction. There will be more records in the new market. 

The most famous famers’ market: Union Square Farmers Market New York City, United States


Speaking of farmers market, we have to mention The Union Square Farmers Market in New York. It is the most famous and best farmers' market in the world. Farmers' market, as the name suggests, is a market where farmers sell their products by themselves. Farmers don’t rare to transport their products to the supermarket, so that they can reduce he cost of traffic pollution and frozen storage, which improves the freshness of fruits and vegetables. From June to November, the farmers market takes up space around the square or business in four days every week. Farmers from the counties around New York City come to market every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Every time the market brings together more than 140 local farmers, fishmongers, bakers and butchers to serve more than 60,000 buyers. Because of the freshness and high quality of the ingredients, many Michelin chefs often go shopping here. 

The best fresh market: Or Tor Kor Food Marke Bangkok, Thailand


Far from being a simple local Market, the Or Tor Kor Food Market is the best fresh Market in the world. The products on sale here are the best selected fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood in the world. It should be one of the must-see places for any chef. In addition to the wide variety of ingredients, there are many traditional and trendy snacks and Thai desserts, as well as a variety of instant food.

The best market in North America: St. Lawrence Market Toronto, Canada


The St. Lawrence Market in Canada is known as the best market in North America. It has been running since 1803. In 2011, it was selected as the best food market in the world by National Geographic. St. Lawrence Market is very busy every weekend. The market is full of farmers, artists and artisans, who is selling variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and other kinds of cooked food. Every day, more than 120 vendors sell the freshest foods, from pasta and seafood to the freshest cheeses and fruits and vegetables

The best market of vegetables and fruits: Borough MarkLondon, England


Borough Market, in Southwark, London, is one of the must-see markets in London, selling traditional British fruits and vegetables, seafood, homemade cheese, fresh bread, dried goods, cooked food and seasonings, as well as some other national specialties. Borough Market is popular because of the guaranteed quality of food. Every stall has passed the most rigorous quality test, thus the quality is absolutely guaranteed.That is why a large number of well-known chefs go to select food here. For chefs, culinary enthusiasts and gourmands, here is their paradise. It is not only a market, but also a corner of London with rich culinary culture. It is a perfect place to experience a high quality life and food culture of British people, and a good place to discover and enjoy delicious food.

The most Asian market: Kreta Ayer Wet Market Singapore


Kreta Ayer Wet Market is one of the most Asian markets in Singapore. With perfect hygiene standards, it perfectly preserves the early Chinese life in Southeast Asia. It is a wet market with a wide range of products, such as fresh Asian fruits, seafood, spices and dried goods, as well as exotic ingredients like live frogs and turtles, preserved eggs and Chinese herbs. The cooked food center, located in the same location, is also a good place to have a dinner. With 260 snack shops and stalls, it is the largest hawker center in Singapore, serving everything from Asian food to western food.

The largest open-air market in Southern hemisphere: Queen Victoria MarkMelbourne, Australia


As the largest open-air market in the Southern hemisphere, the Queen Victoria Market has been operating since the 19th century. The market is divided into two parts: one part is a covered open-air market, which is mainly a farmers' market and a small commodity market. Vegetables and fruits here are fresher and cheaper than supermarkets. The other part is not open-air, but next to the open-air market. Each shop inside is a personal workshop, which sells almost all kinds of colorful food ingredients, such as seafood cattle, sheep and kangaroo meat, homemade bread, local honey. The market still retains the food stall of the 19th century. Walking in the market, it seems to have a dialogue with the past time and space.

The most fragrant market: Marché Provencal Antibes, France


Unlike the traditional wet markets, Marché Provencal is more like a morning market in China. People there set up some temporary stalls in the central square and arrange the freshest "fruits" before early morning. There are lots of flowers, fruits, vegetables and spices from all over the world. Fat foie gras, fresh honey, fresh lavender, wine and cheese, as well as fruit preserves and fragrant spices...all kinds of aroma are intertwined into a natural fresh. When you are wandering there, not only your vision, smell and taste will be satisfied, but also you can enjoy a spirit entertainment of French food culture.

The most artistical market: Market Hall Rotterdam Rotterdam, Netherlands


It is a food market regarded as "the Sistine Chapel of the food world". When it opened, the queen of the Netherlands came to cut the ribbon. After a few days, it attracted over one million people came from far away to visit it. The number of visitors increased to 8 million within one year. It's the first and only wet market with more than 800 articles worldwide and nearly 20,000 images published on social media. The reason why it was selected into the top 10 global markets is not only because it’s the first indoor vegetable market in Rotterdam, but also because on its arched inner wall, there is a huge surreal fresco of vegetables and fruits jointly completed by artists ArnoCoenen and IrisRoskam, which is called "Cornucopia". The painting covers an area of 11,000 square meters and is the largest artwork in the Netherlands today. It is colorful and lifelike like a real image. At the beginning of the evening, floodlights light up the ceiling painting, and the gorgeous colors of large areas directly amaze the whole block!

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