How to Take a Bite on the Cake of the RMB 550 Billion Imported Food Market?

The size of imported food market has been growing at a compound growth rate of 17.7 percent in the decade from 2009 to 2018, exceeding RMB 550 billion for the first time in 2018, according to White Paper on China's Imported Food Consumption 2019. Thanks to the rapid development of China's economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the support of the open policy and the improvement of trade facilitation measures, imported food has gradually become an important part of the dining table for ordinary people. 

The development potential of imported food market in the future will be very huge, as the consumption capacity of Chinese consumers for imported food is increasing rapidly. Imported food is no longer a symbol of luxury, but a part gradually integrated into the daily life of residents, and it is accepted by more and more consumers. Currently, 57.5 percent of consumers spend more than 10 percent of total food consumption on imported food, an increase of nearly 5 percent from a year earlier. 

Rooted in the millennium commercial city, the Expo radiates its influence throughout the country 

In recent years, the import ports of China’s imported food trade are mainly concentrated in the coastal areas, and Guangdong Province ranks the first in trade volume of imported food. As the capital of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou is China's southern gate to the world, as well as a major port for imported food entering into China; and as a first-tier city, its influence also radiates to the entire South China. 

Therefore, the Guangzhou-based Food2China Expo will create a platform for exchanges and cooperation between overseas food companies and Chinese food import enterprises by relying on the radiating power of "Millennium Commercial City", bringing the world's food to the table of more Chinese consumers. 

Since Chinese consumers' demand for food has been upgraded from simple food for subsistence to health and enjoyment, safety and quality have become the most important factors that many consumers pay attention to when buying food. Only by grasping the real demand of Chinese consumers can we take a share of profits in this huge market. 

Over the years, FOOD2CHINA Expo has been dedicated to building a high-quality exhibition platform for China’s high-quality imported food. In order to meet the growing demand of Chinese consumers for "new tastes" and "new products, " at this year's fair, in addition to fresh and cool coconuts from the Sunshine Coast of the Philippines and durian with rich aroma from Thailand, there are also online popular snacks from all over the world, and more than 10,000 professional buyers are expected to come looking for business opportunities. 

Apart from a wide variety of exhibits, the featured activities at FOOD2CHINA Expo 2019 will continue to have different but still wonderful moments. Moreover, Food to China Forum 2019 will be held at same time. In alliance with upstream, midstream and downstream enterprises in the imported food industry, with hundreds of industry elites from more than 20 countries and regions gathering together to listen to the brilliant sharing of industry leaders, the event will focus on the new direction of the development of industry and explore the infinite possibilities of the future development of imported food industry, so as to bring the power of innovation and development into the ecological circle of imported food industry. 

What’s more, there will also be a variety of special creative activities during the exhibition, including the "Coconut! Durian & Mango" activity, pour-over coffee making and tasting contest, coffee culture master class, wine master class, wine tasting meeting and a series of supporting activities, where an industry sharing and exchanging platform will be built and the most cutting-edge development trends and applications in the industry be shown, bringing more business opportunities for enterprises and helping exhibitors make full use of resources integration to win the market of imported food. 

So, Join us now! 

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