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Founded in 1993, Aotsubu Co., Ltd. (Aotsubu) has been a health food enterprise for more than 20 years, focusing on the R & D and production of Jew's mallows processed foods, occupying the largest market share in Japan, with annual sales of RMB 60 million in Japan.

Dietary fiber can be divided into soluble fiber, which is soluble and becomes jelly in water, and insoluble fiber that is insoluble in water. However, Jew's mallows contain a large number of these two kinds of fibers, and their sticky properties are a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber called mucin, which can provide nutrition for beneficial bacteria and increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. In collaboration with professors of biology at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, a joint research found a stomach-friendly ingredient in the extracts from the plant, protecting the intestines and stomach from irritants.

Jew's mallow in use is from Egypt, and is the only organic yellowish green vegetable that has been certified by the Egyptian organic agricultural certification authority. The product is made from pure natural plants and does not burden the gastrointestinal tract, so it can be taken by the elderly, pregnant women and children.

It contains 100% silky fibers in the plant, 9.2 times as much fiber as bananas and 4.6 times as much as Konjac. It promotes abdominal skills, promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis, helps with bowel movements, and keeps the intestines smooth, as well as protects gastric mucosa from alcohol and other stimuli, and inhibits allergic reactions caused by harmful substances, thereby improving rough skin, acne, bad breath and other problems.

Flora Aotsubu contains four kinds of lactic acid bacteria and a kind of bifidobacterium. In this combination, multiple kinds of lactic acid bacteria can be ingested at one time. Taking 20 capsules a day will result in 30 billion strains of lactic acid bacteria.

Aotsubu Co., Ltd.

   Area C China, Import &Export Fair Complex Guangzhou

19th-21st September

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