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When asked about their business, many new ventures reply: "what we are doing is new retail!" So what is new retail? What is new about it?



Ali's Strategy of New Retail

Since Ali came up with the term in 2016, "new retail" has become a hot topic. As the retail market is the main outlet for imported food, the appearance of new retail has brought along new growth factors for the whole industry.  In the recent two years, Ali has been building its new retail network.


The "Tmall Supermarket One-Hour Circle" covers thousands of "Tmall communities";

The world's first Tmall smart baby-care room was established at Yintai, Dahongmen, Beijing;

4500 smart brand stores are connected online and offline;

Freshhema penetrates the whole country and it will open more outlets in 2018;

Promoting “Integrated Travel in Beijing”, Amap will mark every new retail scene in the future…


According to the New Retail Industry Development Trend Report 2018, the Chinese new retail market size is 3.894 billion Yuan and it will reach 1.800 trillion Yuan in 2020, showing huge potential of the market.



The Interaction of New Retail and Imported Food

Before Ma Yun put forward the concept of "new retail", imported products were a hot trend in China. But in recent years, due to counterfeits and falsification in the industry, imported food became less popular. After the introduction of the concept, many new retail businesses have appeared, such as Onion Mall and Xiaohongshu (They are developing a social network retail mode), and Netease Yuanxuan (It focuses on scenario consumption), which has boosted integrative development of consuption and brought along new opportunities for the imported food market. With effective selection of high-quality products and innovative brand marketing methods, new retail brings a sense of participation and lets consumers regain confidence in imported food.



A new round of upgrade for retail enterprises is around the corner. What are the new tricks of new retail? How can retail enterprises keep up the the times? And how will traditional enterprises transform? At the "2018 Imported Food Development Forum and New Retail Forum" held on September 8th, we will talk about "new retail" with you.



 Imported Food in the New Retail Era

Speech + Seminar + Free Communication

Conference & Forum Area , Hall 8.1, Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex.

14:00 – 16:00, September 8






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