F2C Match Review | European Union GI Products Business Promotion Webinar


F2C Match Review | European Union GI Products Business Promotion Webinar

On March 1, 2021, the bilateral Agreement on Geographical Indications entered into force. The agreement is the first comprehensive, high-level GI agreement signed between China and another country or market, protecting some 200 iconic European and Chinese agricultural names from imitation and usurpation, and introducing consumers to authentic products from two regions with rich culinary and cultural traditions.


To better promote GI products from the EU with diverse food cultures, the EU GI Products Webinar held in Food2China Trading Center in recent month.


As supporters of the event, Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association and Food2China invited hundreds of professionals from food and beverage and catering industry-related importers, distributors, retailers, and e-commerce companies to participate in the event. At the same time, the organizers also invited professional chef, ham slicer, and sommelier, to share the unique EU GI products.


At the beginning of the event, the host introduced the EU Geographical Indication system and the positive impact of EU-China on both markets. At the same time, EU GI products such as pumpkin seed oil, Padano cheese, vodka, and liqueur were all presented.


Afterward, Executive Chef Danler who has 12 years of experience in the western food industry, and Sommelier Martin, presented the European cheese and wine products, which are called "the magic couple". They not only introduced the EU food from four aspects: safety, high quality, authenticity, and sustainability but also showed the characteristics of each product from color to smell.

They also thoughtfully shared several classic wine and cheese pairings, guiding attendees to explore the wonderful world of cheese and wine mingling on their own as well.

In addition to cheese and wine, ham is also one of the famous products of the EU. Andy, a professional ham slicer, not only introduced the sensory characteristics and defining features of European ham in detail but also demonstrated the techniques of slicing European ham on site.


At the end of the event, hundreds of participants participated in the exciting lottery of the EU gift package. Finally, 20 lucky people won the abundant EU gift package.

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