F2C Match Review | 2022 PLPEX Online Match has been Completed

From October 13 to 20, 2022, the organizers of the "2022 PLPEX Portuguese Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macau), the team of Perfeicao Co., LTD., Food2China and Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association jointly held a successful online matching. 

Numerous of exhibitors from Portuguese-speaking countries and regions (Portugal, Macau, China) were invited to meet with importers, distributors, cross-border e-commerce platforms and community group buyers from Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai for one-to-one discussion.

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The exhibits include coffee beans, capsule coffee, Portuguese red wine, green wine, natural honey, unsweetened jam, biscuits, almonds, candy, chocolate, carob, olives and olive oil, ham, sausage, frozen meat, seafood, etc.

Most of buyers are willing to further communicate with suppliers and are expected to reach cooperation in the near future. It can be seen that as long as the pre-matching work is sophisticated and completed, online meeting is still an effective way for importers to negotiate with overseas suppliers at present.

Feedback from part of buyers:

Buyer A: I believe I will have chance to cooperate with supplier A and B.

Buyer B: I am interested in most of the suppliers from todays’ meeting. We will keep communicating through email.

Buyer C: Please help me to contact the supplier. I’ve sent an email to him to ask for a catalogue, but I haven’t got any reply yet. Our purchasing mission is urgent, we also need him to send me samples as soon as possible.

In the future, Food2China will continue to work with Guangdong Imported Food Association to bring more overseas special delicacy to the Chinese market, help overseas brands to expand domestic sales channels. We are dedicating to the in-depth development of imported food industry in South China, letting more Chinese consumers experience delicious food from all over the world.

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